About Release a Dove

Release A Dove was established in 1995 (originally as White Wings Worldwide) to deliver a message of peace, hope, and everlasting love at gatherings and special events; including weddings, memorials, life celebrations and other occasions.  Our white doves have touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the years by their participation in hundreds of private and public events. They are trained to find their way home from distances up to 250 kilometers away from their dovecote At their dovecote they receive the best of care, food, shelter and a safe place to raise their young.

Our professional, courteous and dependable staff always arrive on time and appropriately dressed for each occasion. We look after every aspect of the release including coordination with photographers to create the best photos possible.

Contact us via email or call us for information on how to include a white dove release as part of your special event!

History of the White Dove

Few symbols in the world have enjoyed such a rich and lasting history as the white dove. A favourite in art and iconography, the dove has represented many aspects of the divine. The white dove continues to be shared, adapted and interpreted across many cultures and millennia.

From the ancient world to modern times, the white dove has developed layers of meaning, making it a complex and powerful addition to texts and visual representations. The rock dove has interacted with mankind for centuries, dating as far back as Egyptian Times when these birds were first domesticated and trained to carry messages from village to village.

Today the common rock dove (popularly known as the pigeon) is kept by over one million fanciers around the world.  It is a delightful sport and hobby, which people of all ages and walks of life can enjoy. To this day, the White Dove continues to be a symbol of peace, love, purity, care, and devotion..