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Weddings & Anniversaries

Doves mate for life, making their presence at a marriage extremely symbolic. Let the white dove be a symbol of your everlasting love and commitment to one another. It is said that if white doves

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For many people, baptism is one of the most important days of their life. Since John the Baptist baptized Christ in the River Jordan, and saw the Holy Spirit descend from heaven in the form

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  • 3.Events

Special Events

Looking for the perfect symbol to celebrate your success or inspire others to open up their hearts to your specific compassionate charity or event? Then look no further than Release A Dove. A Dove in

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The release of white doves is a wonderful tribute to the life of a loved one. White doves provide a touching commemoration while leaving everyone in attendance with a message of peace, hope and goodwill. The

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Workshops for Kids

“Children in Urban areas today are losing touch with nature.”
Release A Dove bridges the gap between urban and rural life by offering fun, fact-filled interactive workshops for childcare centers that introduce children (ages 3 to

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