“Children in Urban areas today are losing touch with nature.”

Release A Dove bridges the gap between urban and rural life by offering fun, fact-filled interactive workshops for childcare centers that introduce children (ages 3 to 12) to live white doves. White doves are often seen at weddings, baptisms, or special events, symbolizing love, peace, and championship. Their distant relatives are the wild pigeons seen on the street.

Children learn about how these lovely birds live, raise their young and have helped humankind for many centuries.

Presentation content is age-appropriate to the audience and includes stories of famous doves and other interesting facts. After the workshop, the entire center can join the instructor outside to watch as the doves are released to fly back to their dovecote by the lake. The doves will circle above, getting their bearings before heading home.

Our white doves are trained athletes, able to fly safely to their dovecote when released from distances of more than 100 kilometers away. We will not release our doves in severe weather or if we feel they will not have sufficient time to fly home before sunset. Back at the dovecote our doves are treated with respect, given a safe place to raise their young, clean water, healthy food, vitamins, medical attention, and exercise.